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Totsy Reviews

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    Totsy has a no refund polocy. I thought that meant that if you did not like the merchandise or changed you mind, that there were no refunds. I had no idea that if the merchandise was not first quality, ie. paint on shirt an inch away from the design, scuff on one shoe in a pair, etc., that there was no refund. What they should say is BUYER BEWARE- ITEMS MAY BE SECONDS, NO REFUND GIVEN FOR ANY REASON. Please save yourself the frustration. You may as well throw your money away. More...
    4Gerri's Picture   4Gerri    0 Comments   Comments
  • Totsy, Three awful experiences!

    Never ever buy anything here! I don't know if I am a glutton for punishment or what but on three separate occasions I ordered from them, because the prices are so good. It takes a ridiculous amount of time to get your order. Twice I have received broken product ( glass completely smashed into a million prices) and whenever I order something I get an email a month later that they weren't able to get on of the items I ordered. Prices are good but sooo not worth the headache! I deleted their app on my phone and plan on never using them again. My advice is to head on over to Zulilly.... More...
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    Jpage264's Picture   Jpage264    0 Comments   Comments
  • Totsy: WORSE Customer service

    I thought they had great deals on this site but they have WORSE customer service I have ever experienced .I called/emailed in because I made an order at the beginning of the month and on my account it still says pending. The customer service was rude and basically told me it was the postoffices and maufactures fault and never tried to do anything to help the situation. After twenty mins on the phone with a supervisor she finally asked me if I wanted her to see if there was any info on the shipping. I will never order from them again. Customer service like that will kill the business fast. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    lreinberger's Picture   lreinberger    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor quality merchandise

    I ordered two pairs of matching tennis shoes for my daughter and granddaughter. The shoes are of very poor quality and look cheap. They looked much nicer on the website. I feel that the merchandise was misrepresented and requested information for returns and a refund via email through their website. I have received no response. I will not do any more business with their company and would suggest that buyers beware! They are not a reliable nor reputable company. More...
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    kcev's Picture   kcev    1 Comments   Comments
  • Totsy misrepresentation of sizes!

    I recently bought 4 pairs of shoes in my size and when they were delivered 3 of the pairs didn't even fit on my feet! I have never had this problem with any brand of shoes in my size (and I wear shoes from many brands: Target brands, Naturalizer, Nike and shoes from Macy's) My sister who wears shoes 2 sizes smaller than me tried them on and they fit her! If you want to buy from this site you might want to consider ordering 2 sizes larger! I also bought a bra and panty set that claimed to be a size 40D, (which is larger than my actual size a 38D) but when I tried it on it did not... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    olivekay's Picture   olivekay    0 Comments   Comments
  • Order Never arrived

    I ordered a few items from Totsy in early December 2012. I was hoping I would get it by christmas but didnt count on it. Two weeks later, I get a email notifiying me that some of the items I already paid for were not in stock and had been cancelled, yet I still got charged from them. Two weeks after that I got another email stating that the one item that actually was in stock was shipped out. They did give me a tracking number. However, 2 weeks after it was supposedly shipped out, the tracking number still indicates that it was dropped off by Totsy to the mail. It didnt move in TWO weeks? I... More...
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    Upset86's Picture   Upset86    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disappointed

    I placed a few orders with Totsy and they cancelled items. than order took forever to arrive, when they finally arrived they were of poor quality. When I contacted Totsy their responses were all automated and no consolation or resolution to the issues were given. Additionally, this last order, the items ordered were cheaply made. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    china1369's Picture   china1369    0 Comments   Comments
  • outraged by Totsy

    I never received my order from Totsy even though it said it was delivered? I was home and even received a package from Fed Ex on this day to prove I was sittiing home waiting for delivery. i can not get in touch with company because my emails have not been returned and the # they give is out of order!? This is not what a reputable company does,so i have no other choice but to think I was taken?! Honestly, I do not have the money to throw away like that! I scrimped and cut to make hat purchase! More...
    (Parenting, Nannies, Babies, Family)
  • Outraged by Totsy

    I ordered a winter coat from Totsy 2 pairs of shoes for a two yr old and watched daily the tracking. It finally was in my area and was being delivered, so I made sure I stayed home this day with the 2yr old to receive it. The door bell rang and i was Fed Ex with a package from another site. I still remained in and about 6pm checked the tracking to get an update and it said i was delivered!? I checked the porch and nothing was there so I decided to call. the # on help page is only # so i called well before 7pm closing the # doesn't work!? I got scared that I was taken for my money!? I... More...
    (Parenting, Nannies, Babies, Family)
    Macdarling's Picture   Macdarling    0 Comments   Comments
  • Broken item

    I received my order a MONTH after placing it with Totsy. When the merchandise arrived part of it was broken. I called Totsy customer service immediately. I was met with a less than eager to help rep ( I was told to email a pic of the broken item and she would ask her supervisor if they could do anything. I emailed the pic to her within minutes of hanging up the phone. She has yet to reply to the original email as well as 3 others I have sent. More...

    I placed an order 7 weeks ago! Last week I called to see what in the world happened, and the jerk I spoke with told me that because of hurricane Sandy, it was delayed..... I totally understand that but I mean COME ON! 7 WEEKS?! It should have already been shipped out before the hurricane even hit! So he gets rude and tells me there's nothing he can do for me,, no credit, or anything, but if I no longer want the package to refuse it. (The problem was that 3 of the items were gifts I no longer needed because of their delayed shipping!, one of the items I did want) He said I can... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    meghanelena's Picture   meghanelena    0 Comments   Comments
  • order not received

    Not only has my order not been delivered, but I have no tracking number or even an idea of when it might be delivered. I expected my order of 4 little girls' Christmas dresses to give to them by Thanksgiving, and now I'm wondering if I will even receive them this year. Every time I email Totsy, I just get a generic noreply email back. I have asked to be contacted and no one has contacted me. I want to know where my dresses are, and if I should just go buy new ones for Christmas pictures, and cancel this order through my credit card company. Is Totsy just a hoax? More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
  • Not grandmas idea of shopping childrens clothes

    Placed an order Oct15 #100407082 they just finally emailed me that part of my order was not shipping because they were out of my item in which I ordered 2 of the same thing different sizes. They said their items just fly out of the warehouse so it became unavailable. How can that be when I ordered it within the time frame and never notified they did not have it anyway. I will never order from them again these were presents for christmas and I still don't know if I am getting one or none. They said the rest of my shipment was being shipped but I did not order anything else. From now... More...
    gouldn's Picture   gouldn    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worse customer service in the universe!

    I placed my order last 15 October and mind you they say 10-15 days after the sale us over they can ship you the products ordered with a very encouraging offer "FREE shipment". So upto now I still don't have my order. I've been sending emails and calling no reply neither answer. Mind you there's an automated reply every time you send an email, that gives you incident number that was never followed up by a proper reply. This is frustrating and unacceptable. Sorry to hear about the unfortunate calamity. This is me as a customer and looking for customer service. If... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    GlamorousV's Picture   GlamorousV    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Shipping & Customer Service

    According to their FAQs, items usually ship 10-15 days after a sale closes (their sales run approx. 72 hrs). I ordered on Oct. 15th and now it's Nov. 11th and it still has not shipped. Furthermore, their customer service is temporarily CLOSED due to Hurricane Sandy ... I understand the destruction the storm caused, but don't understand how this can hinder someone sitting at their computer emailing me back. And there is no update regarding how long they will be closed and if this is what is affecting shipments or not. Who knows if I will ever get my order. I will definitely... More...
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    madlily's Picture   madlily    0 Comments   Comments
  • Totsy's shipping and notifications are the worse

    I found a great price on Halloween costumes for my 6 kids and I was excited. I order way in advance during their mega Halloween sale in early September. It is not October 12th and my order is still being processed. I called the beginning of last week and was told my order would ship by Friday. Another week later still no shipment. I called today to be told one of my items would not be coming and they should ship in about 2 days that means October 15th or 16th. Now I am running around trying to find a costume for my daughter. I missed a bunch of sales thinking I was set. I do not trust Totsy... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Adriana171's Picture   Adriana171    0 Comments   Comments
  • Order # 100356869

    My order number is 100356869. I received an email that part of my order was out of stock. Upon investigation of my order information, two out of the three items I ordered are no longer in stock. I would like to know how this is possible! I placed my order a month ago and now I am being charged a shipping fee of 7.95 for a pair of shoes, I could have bought at the Disney store cheaper! I am EXTREMELY disappointed. How could I place an order for something that there isn't enough stock for? I wish I could cancel my entire order and I plan to NEVER order from your company again! My name is... More...
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  • Totsy....BAD customer service...NEGLEGENT!!! DO NOT SHOP HERE!!!

    I placed an order even though I had issues with a past order I had placed a long time ago. I thought I would give them another chance. Bad idea!!!! I got 2 -emails within 2 weeks of each other stating that the items I had ordered were "ou of stock". What is the point of ordering something if it is going to be out of stock. I e-mailed the company stating my disapointment and asked them to cancel the rest of my order. I got no response. A few days later I get an e-mail notifying me that my order has shipped. ******* Never shop Totsy.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!****** More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    brinker96's Picture   brinker96    0 Comments   Comments
  • Totsy is a waste of time!

    What a nightmare! I order gifts for my grandson's 4th birthday 2 months ahead. I received notification on 7/23 that the items had shipped, but there was no tracking number. When I had not received the items 10 days later, I spoke with customer service and she could not verify the status and I was told she would call me the following day with an update. 3 days later, after no return call, I called and spoke with another service rep who told me it was lost by the post office so it really isn't their problem, but he would try to help and would call me back the next day. No call... More...
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    slnik's Picture   slnik    0 Comments   Comments
  • Totsy does not deliver product

    I do not even know where to start, I NEVER write bad reviews but I am not even certain that Totsy should even be considered a reputable business. I purchased two items in January with an estimated ship date of 2/18 when I still didn't have the merchandise at the beginning of March I made a phone call to which I was notified that my card was declined at the time of shipment and therefore the order canceled. I knew that was impossible as I have plenty in the bank to cover the charge however I was already done doing business with the company so I let it go. Flash forward to April... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    tarool's Picture   tarool    0 Comments   Comments

    DO NOT buy anything from I ordered a bathing suit and cover up for my grandaughter in January and never got it. After numerous e-mails inquiring about my order all of which were ignored, I was able to get customer service on the phone. They informed me that the order was cancelled by the manufactor because they no longer have the items. This is odd as my order was from two companies. I was never notified and my credit card was charged for the items. They told me that my credit card would be refunded. I don't have much faith that this will happen anytime soon. Save yourself... More...
    Denise56's Picture   Denise56    1 Comments   Comments
  • children's clothes

    I ordered three toddler dresses in size 2 toddler. It took 6 weeks to get them only after I Emailed them. When I finally received the order it was minus one dress. The dresses were made in China and too small for a 2 year old. They were made of very thin cheap fabric. I never got a direct response from the company. I emailed them again about the missing dress and have not heard anything from them. DO NOT ORDER from them. It is garbage and they never answer if you have problems. More...
    yonni's Picture   yonni    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Customer Service

    Totsy can be the best website for parents out there but they just need to clean up their customer service. I had been ordering a few times already with the only complaint being that it took forever to get your stuff. I'm talking months. That aside, this last episode really has me looking elsewhere for product. Totsy relies on timing and limited avaialability to let their vendors offer lower prices for a set amount of time. They always give you countdowns to save on last minute sales. Well, if you're going to put customers on the clock, I would think you would have a better... More...
    (Parenting, Nannies, Babies, Family)
    spreefx's Picture   spreefx    0 Comments   Comments
  • I was Totsied

    I ordered children's shoes, bibs, and children's dishes that were supposed to stick to the table for kids.they don't. I also ordered womens underware. It was all junk. The quality was so poor. The little boots were so cheaply made. The bibs were to small they would never fit a child that eats food. They were advertised like they were for older kids, theyvin plastic and they have a flap at the bottom to catch food but they wouldn't fit my newborn let alone my two year old. I paid about seventy dollars for the whole order. It was truly dollar store quality. From now on... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Mom42's Picture   Mom42    0 Comments   Comments
  • Twice disappointed

    The first time I ordered from Totsy, my order was lost for 6 weeks. They gave me a $20 credit, so I thought I would try them again. I ordered a pair of shoes for my daughter. The right shoe was a size 9 and the left shoe a size 8. Of course the shoe was no longer in stock. They gave me a $10 credit this time, but don't think it is worth the hassle. On the flip side, their customer service department was very friendly and courteous. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    hatt22's Picture   hatt22    0 Comments   Comments
  • poor quality

    i ordered a pair of boots. first of all i should have known leather boots for $10. would be something less than what i would normally buy. but these boots look used. the bottom of the shoes appear that someone did a lot of walking in them. the leather is scuffed at the toe and the color is not blended. it looks like someone poured paint on them. i will never order from this company again. and how convientent they include a note that at this time they are not accepting refunds. i will donate these boots to goodwill or a hand me down shop and lesson learned. dont order anything from... More...
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    hotntx58's Picture   hotntx58    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refund

    I ordered 3 jackets from Tosty. I only received 2. There was no note, no email, nothing indicating why one was missing. I emailed and it took over a week for them to get back to me. They said a refund had been requested and I should have gotten an email. I should wait 7 to 10 bussiness days for my refund. It has been a month and still no refund. I emailed several times but I only ever get a message that my email was received and then nothing more. More...
  • Didn't know how horrible

    I order as few things from totsy not knowing how horrible this company is. As time went on and no word from them about my order, my daughter went looking for reviews and holy cow, there is nothing good out there about them as written, it is too happening to me. They take your money, leave you guessing. When you contact them you are rudely handle. They don't talk to you with any care. Colin who I dealt with is very rude and lies. I'm still waiting for email for my item. They have my money, and I have nothing but sour taste in my mouth. I learned a lesson here for sure. Please do... More...
  • BEWARE!!!

    I should have listened to all the complaints regarding this company. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and buy 5 items (all Christmas gifts) from the site. I ordered my items on Nov. 19th and was given the estimated ship date of Dec. 10th. The day came and passed, no big deal since it said estimated.. I waited a few days before sending them a quick email asking about my order. I never got a response, so I wrote on their FB wall. They responded that someone would contact me and in the future i need to call for inquires. I found this rude esp. since in their customer service... More...
    (Parenting, Nannies, Babies, Family)
    Natalie3137's Picture   Natalie3137    4 Comments   Comments

    This company may as well be non-existent. I placed an order on Nov 20, 2011 and received it on Dec 19, 2011. I was finally glad that it arrived, but when I opened the box, only 4 of the 6 items were shipped. I have two daughters and I had ordered the same item for both of them, well, that Christmas gift was ruined for both!!! Now I'm stuck with one item and after two attempts at trying to contact them, I have heard NOTHING. I order a LOT of merchandise online. I have NEVER had problems like this with any other company. There's something not right with this company and I WILL NEVER... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    maried8484's Picture   maried8484    0 Comments   Comments
  • The worst online shopping experience

    This company is the worst for online shopping. I ordered a few hair accessories for my daughter, a pair of shoes and a jacket. First I has to call them like 4 times to get the status of my order. It took around 3 weeks for the items to arrive. One of the items was not included as they told me they don't have it in stock. The other items are so low quality, they don't look anything like the pictures. The hair accessories look and feel so cheap like a 99 cents item, I paid like $4 per each of them. The sizes are confusing, I ordered a hat for a toddler girl and they sent me a baby... More...
    ca024700's Picture   ca024700    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible company to deal with!

    I placed two different orders- took over a month and half for them to ship out. One of the orders was completely wrong! The number printed on the invoice was a party line number- sent 4 emails- heard nothing back. I received the second order- items were missing. It had the correct phone number printed. Called- they said they did not send the sweater because it was recalled- so why did you ship the same sweater just a different size with the first order? Also, why did you STILL charge my card? They said they would refund everything to my card- for the incorrect sized items within 5-7 days-... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
  • Stay away!

    I purchased a deal via plumdistrict. The thing that I didn't realize is that totsy automatically stick new customers with a free shipping code which does not expire until 30 days after first registering. Totsy does not allow customer to use more than one promotional code and since they stick you with the free ship code, I couldn't use my voucher from Plum. I was planning to purchase some small stocking stuffer(s) for one of my nieces or nephews. I contacted Totsy as well as PD. Totsy took over 2 weeks to come back with an actual reply(excluding the initial automated) to tell me... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    melloddie's Picture   melloddie    0 Comments   Comments
  • orders not received and lost

    I initially purchased some clothing for my daughters. It was set to ship a month later. After 2 months I receive an e-mail that they can not receive the product so they are canceling my order. They offered me a $15 credit. A few weeks later, the same products were for sale again (cheaper). I tried to use my $15 credit and it didn't work.... I ordered the same products again anyway. I went through the order process and got my confirmation page. However, I never received an e-mail confirming my order and the order it not listed on the 'My Orders' page. Shortly after the... More...
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  • Didn't ship entire order

    I have only used Totsy once but I don't believe I'll ever use them again. I placed an order in Oct and didn't get a shipping confirmation until late Nov. Then after the confirmation of the entire order I get an email that part of it is missing with a new order receipt that is for the exact same amount as the original and a new delivery date of Nov,1969. They didn't take the price of the missing item off of the "new" order slip. In another email it said 3-5 business days to get a refund, it has been over 2 weeks now and still no refund. I have sent emails but... More...
    cpres's Picture   cpres    0 Comments   Comments

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ajal1989 says: (6 years ago)
This business is absolutely horrible! First I ordered Nov. 20 and I just got my items today. Two items were missing and then these people sent me a shirt that was completely dirty at the bottom and had holes in it. Very large noticeable holes! This was supposed to be Christmas presents for my child. These things were also very cheap! I am so disappointed because I was excited to use this website. I would tell everyone to STAY AWAY! But, I'm sure that once people order from this website they will see for themselves!

VeryUnhappyCust says: (7 years ago)
I have placed my final order with this company. Now I know why everyone I know who has ever ordered from them refuses to make that mistake again. They started out great and have become a complete fraud of a company. They can't deliver, but they sure take your money and make you demand a refund for what you don't receive. Won't be long before they are gone, so I won't be risking dealing with them ever again.

MandyB says: (7 years ago)
I placed an order in early Jan. ETA was Feb. 2. On Feb. 8, there was still no tracking on the website. Emailed customer service, and got no reply, but then received an order shipped confirmation email. My card was then charged. When my order arrived, I only received 1 of 2 items I ordered (card was charged for both). Emailed customer service again. They said that they couldn't retrieve the second part of my order from wherever it was coming from. The rep said she was adding a $5 credit to my account, and my credit card would be refunded in 7-10 business days. A week later, my Totsy account still had no credit. I emailed again, and suddenly a $5 credit appeared, but again no one ever replied. Today is the 10th business day since I was told my account would be credited. I am 99.9% sure that I'm not going to be refunded for the item they never shipped and I'm going to have to contact them a 4th time to try to get my money back. My coupon blogs all talk about this site having great deals and what not. Don't bother. You won't get your order forever (if you ever do), and you'll never get your money back WHEN they screw it up. Never again.

Grapelin says: (7 years ago)
I'm adding one more complaint and am in total agreement with the other responders. Ordered an item on Jan. 1 for delivery Jan. 29th. Never received it to date (Feb. 21). Called their so-called 'Customer Service' and was told that the order could not be fulfilled and was cancelled, that I should have received an email advising this from them...didn't receive it obviously though all of their other emails come through just fine on a daily basis. I was just advised by Customer Service that my account would be credited back and I was also given a $20. credit on my Totsy account for my inconvenience. I will not hold by breath to see if the refund shows up.

The problem seems to be that they offer their products for a crazy price and quickly sell-out of all the available product, and then leave people hanging waiting for products that are longer available and will never be shipped. Going back to the old adage: 'If it is too good to be true, it probably is not true'!

lindacpizzuto says: (7 years ago)
FYI..........NEVER, NEVER, NEVER order from They don't send everything, it's late, and you can't get anyone to resolve the issues. I have been waiting two months for credit for items not received. I can't believe they still exist with the poor customer service they have. They NEVER respond to emails (I've sent lots of them). Stay away from them. It's too bad because they have a lot of nice things but you may or may not receive them.

numun says: (8 years ago)
TOTSY is the worst!!! Constantly delivers my product to the wrong address, and if delivered takes what seems a year later, and there's NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, just e-mail. I should of check them out with BBB first too... TOTSY has an F RATING with the Better Business Bureau. I am making a complaint.

trock says: (8 years ago)
I have already posted a complaint regarding Totsy and how horrible their customer service is. My suggestion to all of you that have a complaint against Totsy is to contact the companies supplying the product to Totsy. Totsy is representing their product, and I'm sure these companies don't want to be put in a bad light.

totsyfacebook says: (8 years ago)
go to facebook and complain about your order, you will get a response right away. don't waste your time calling and emailing them.

go to totsy facebook page

Carolynfranklin says: (8 years ago)
Totsy has many products that I like and would love to order but their reputation right now with me is horrible. My experience with my first order has been awlful, and I have not yet received the product I ordered. I just don't see myself ever ordering from them again.

waterbaby1 says: (8 years ago)
Totsy has horrible customer service. I place an order on 8/24/10. I emailed them on 9/9 asking for the status. The birthday party i purchased it for came and went. I emailed them again on 9/15 and all i heard were the sound of crickets. I was stupid enough to place an order with them on 9/9 after emailing them about my 8/24 order because they had some cute halloween costumes. Now I have no faith they will even deliver by halloween. TOTSY SUCKS!!

Riley719 says: (8 years ago)
I ordered over a month ago and inquired about my order thru e-mail and they have never responded! I called and they said my order would ship- that was a week ago and haven't received anything or any e-mail with a tracking #. I call today and they aren't answering!!! DON'T ORDER FROM THEM!

Karina says: (8 years ago)
I agree with you Jane. Personally, I have only ordered once, but was very satisfied with my purchase. I won’t hesitate to buy again on totsy! You have to plan accordingly but totsy is pretty good for gift giving! I have so many baby showers coming up! I have to get a gift for a friend’s baby, or maybe one day for my own baby, who knows?

Karina says: (8 years ago)
I agree with you Jane. Personally, I have only ordered once, but was very satisfied with my purchase. I won’t hesitate to buy again on totsy! You have to plan accordingly but totsy is pretty good for gift giving! I have so many baby showers coming up! I have to get a gift for a friend’s baby, or maybe one day for my own baby, who knows?

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